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I’ve heard about payday loans, what are they?

Payday loans are an instrument for people who need immediate short-term cash to utilize to help them out of an emergency cash crunch. Often times, unexpected bills or expenses may arise at the most inopportune times, and that is where these types of loans can prove to be very valuable. One can apply for a payday loan (also referred to as fast cash, cash advances and payday advances) will very little effort, and the funds are not due until the person’s next pay date.

Payday loans are used for any number of emergencies that can arise in our daily lives, and provide a safety net that will hold us over until we are able to get back on track. Most people in the U.S. find themselves living from check to check, and when something occurs to throw off that delicate financial balance, a source of fast cash can be a literal life saver.

Our website, was established to provide a connection between the consumer, who finds themselves in need of immediate finances & the lenders with specialized payday lending programs. Using our exhaustive database of lenders, we match you up with a lender who meets your specific criteria (and you theirs). By carefully matching up the requirements on both sides of the equation, we are able to successfully get your cash your hands.

Are payday loans difficult to qualify for?

Payday loans are not at all difficult to qualify for, and it's just a simple matter of having the right information, and being able to show a few little details about how the loan will be repaid. The basic information that is required initially consists of:

  • Proof of age, because you have to be over 18
  • Proof of income, because the bank has to know how you'll be repaying the loan
  • And proof of a valid bank account, as were the funds will be deposited, and this is where the bank will expect to be able to draw down the loan

Along with these simple requirements, some banks may require more information so that they can adequately be assured that you do have the wherewithal to repay the funds that are being borrowed. In some instances the lender will want to check some parts of your history, specifically dealing with past borrowings on payday loans, and such information as whether not you are paid weekly or biweekly and in either case; are you paid directly or do you have a direct deposit.


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One thing to be very upfront about is the information that is included in the application must be verifiable by a quick phone call or by fax; if the banks are not able to verify your information in an expedient manner, it is likely that your application will be denied So to save yourself any undo headache, it is easier to just make sure that all of the information is properly and clearly provided in the application process. Remember, these lenders go through tons of these applications every day, so you only want to make their job as easy as possible to get the best outcome.

I want a payday loan, so how do I get the ball rolling?

Applying for a loan is very simple, you just complete the online application form and hit the submit button. Once we receive your application, we work to match it up with the appropriate lender, and this all happened within seconds.

If a lender is found that is a proper match for you, you’ll be forwarded an electronic loan agreement to sign; this is all done online, and all very secure. If you do not like the terms of the loan agreement, of course, you do not have to work with that particular lender, all you have to do is cancel that application and try again with the different lender.

Once a loan is made, the funds will usually be deposited directly into your bank account of choice on the next business day after the application is approved. Although some lenders do give options, all funds will be transferred electronically.

How soon does my loan have to be repaid?

Typically, you’ll find that your loan will be due in full on your next payday after receiving the loan, but keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of lenders will be more than happy to extend the period of financing with only nominal fees being incurred.

After you have come to an agreement with a lender and received the funds that you have applied for, you will be directly connected to that lenders online document, which will provide you with a detailed understanding of the events that occur, or the options available at the time that the loan becomes due. Some of those options could be, but are not limited to:

  • Auto financing of your loan, which requires no action at all on your part
  • Full repayment of the loan on the due date
  • The option of requesting an extension in paying off whatever interest and fees are due at that point
  • And a possible option of extending a loan and only paying off the interest along with a portion of the original principle

Keep in mind that if you have any questions at that point, the lender is the one that you want to make contact with, as only provides the connection between a lender and borrower.

How will I receive my payday loan?

Your lender will work diligently to get the funds immediately transferred directly into your bank account by electronic transfer; sometimes the lenders that we work with are able to get client’s funds into their account in as little as an hour.

After being approved how soon can I expect my funds to show up in my account?

Our lending partners will normally issue funds directly to a client via electronic transfer immediately after the loan has been approved. This is what happens in most cases, but the lender does have up until the next business day to complete the transfer - that is of course, excluding weekends and holidays.

When can I take advantage of your online services?

Our site is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week operation, just like most things on the web. But, keep in mind that our offices operate on normal business hours, meaning that we are in the office Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Although you are free to submit your application at any time day or night, be advised that more lenders are online during business hours, so your chances of obtaining a loan can be better during those times.

What are we looking at in terms of dollar amounts for these loans? has the ability to help clients get loans up of up to $1500, but this will depend on the information that is provided in your online application; lenders will provide loans based on the information established in the application, and in some cases, may offer an amount less than the maximum of $1500.

If I am denied a loan by a lender that I’m matched with, what do I do?

While our experience with our established lenders does give us a strong base to determine the direction of loan applications, we do not have the ability to enforce the approval of any application submitted to one of our lenders. The lenders have complete autonomy when it comes to deciding which application is approved and which is not. We can only suggest that if this happens, you make contact with the lender to find out the cause of the denial.

If you can’t find a lender that is a match for me, what happens then?

When you apply for a payday loan, we take every possible step that we can to make sure that you successfully get your funds, but we simply cannot guarantee what the outcome of the lender’s approval process will be; each lender has their own lending policy and we have absolutely no power to persuade or over-ride their final decision. However, there are some points that you may want to focus on in the event you decide to try again for a payday loan later:

  • Get direct deposit at your workplace; this will show a potential lender that your funds are consistent and they will gain a higher level of assurance that they will be able to get repayment of their funds.
  • Be sure to wrap up any pending payday loan issues; if you have one or more payday loans already, you may need to repay those prior to applying for a new loan

I don’t have a checking account in my name, but I do have a savings account, am I eligible?

Quite a few of our lenders will provide payday loans to borrowers who do not have a checking account; all you’ll have to do is get a routing number from your bank, so that the lender has access to deposit your funds upon approval.

I receive state benefits each month - does that exclude me from a payday loan?

The short answer is Yes. As long as you are able to prove that you have received these payments on a regular basis, you can indeed qualify. You’ll just have to show your history of payments, along with a short explanation of the nature of these payments, and information on the issuer.

If I don’t have a driver’s license, can I still qualify?

Yes. You can use a social security card or a passport.

Do I have to pass a lot of a credit checks to get a payday loan?

Not usually. Our lenders are more interested in being able to verify your identity along with looking into your present and past payday loan actions - their checks will be conducted simply to make sure that you are not over extending yourself by the loan that you are requesting.

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