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30 Day Cash Advance: A Quick Fix

30 Day Cash Advance
A 30 day cash advance is a quick fix help you can count on. Financial binds can always happen, and especially a time when you are already strapped for cash. What is worse  is the fact that you may only get paid at the end of every month.

When times are tough, you may need a cash advance to get through until your next payday. However, most cash advance loans are for those looking for a quick pay within the next 2 weeks. There are only rare ones that only allow people to lend cash that is payable in 30 days.


It is not that complicated to apply for a 30 day cash advance because it pretty much has the same requirements as a regular payday loan. However, if you get paid bi-monthly, it is suggested that you apply for the 14 day payday loan instead. This is because there is no reason for you not to be able to pay on half the month. You can always just renew your loan if the worse should happen.

You will need your valid identification cards to apply, answer a few questions regarding where you work, when you paid, and how much you are planning to borrow. Some cash advance loans also require a credit check, but the 30 day cash advance type of loan does not. Even if you have a bad credit record, you can still apply for that loan.

You also have to be 18 years and above to be eligible for a 30 day cash advance. Some long term cash advance lenders might require you to have lived in the state or country for at least two years before you can apply for a loan.

Because of the requirements, always check with the lenders to see if you fit their criteria. More often than not, cash advance lenders will not require much, and will provide you with the money that you need.

The borrowed amount

Most cash advance lenders can only lend you up to $300 since it is payable after two weeks. 30 day credit check cash advance loans can go from $500 up to $1000, depending on your income. You can borrow any amount from that range, but the first thing you have to remember is the fact that you should be able to pay it off by the end of the month. Otherwise, you are going to be stuck paying debts until who knows when. Be careful not to get trapped with the shiny notion of getting money quickly because quick money may be convenient using a 30 day cash advance loan, but it is not always wise.

Interest rates

There are different interest rates for different types of long term cash advance loans, and you can find that most interest rates go up to 15% of the amount you borrowed. There may be some lenders who have lower interest rates, but as always, be wary of quick and convenient deals because you may have trouble with them later. Whatever the interest rate that you have to pay, once it is signed with their contract, they will not be able to change it. Also check on your state’s credit check payday loans legislation to know more about your rights as a borrower.

You should pay your 30 day cash advance loans on the date you specified to pay because the interest rates increase when you extend your loan. Some states still do not have legislations regarding limits on interest rates and other term cash advance loans policies, so you have to know where you stand and how your state can protect you when it comes to loans.

Online lenders

With the modern age, there are also cash advance lenders online that you can rely on when you are too busy to get out of work to look for 30 day cash advance lenders around town. Policies and terms and conditions are also the same as with direct lenders.

You should also be careful in how you deal with transactions with payday loans online because people can easily scam others through the Internet. Make sure that the online cash advance lender is legit by asking around from your friends or co-workers, and checking their credentials and other reliable identifying factors.

Remember, there will always be an interest rate for any type of payday loan, so when you see a site that says they do not have interest rates, avoid them. There is a very high chance that you are  clicking into a scam. Not all of these 30 day cash advance online places are scammers, but you just have to be careful in dealing with them because you will never know if the next click will give you trouble for the next few years of your life.

Payday loans. like the 30 day cash advance loan. can lend you a large amount of money, depending on your financial capability to pay it off after 30 days. You can either get your loan through a direct lender or through an online lender. Whichever choice you pick, always remember to be careful with your transactions, and read the fine print of the contract you will sign.

Aside from this, always be aware of the interest rates the lenders have so you know how much you will have to pay when the time comes. Remember that with any type of loan, punctuality with payments can save you a lot of trouble. There is a chance that interest rate policies may be different per state, so you have to make sure that you have checked your state’s legislation regarding 30 day cash advance loans to save yourself a lot of trouble when the time comes.

If you are satisfied with everything you have learned regarding 30 day cash advance services, then you can soon get the help needed.

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