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A $500 Cash Advance is Just Right

If a traditional loan is too much for you, and the small amount you can save by taking cost-cutting measures such as canceling subscriptions and cutting coupons is too little, perhaps a $500 cash advance will be just right. This is one of the most popular amounts in which to take out a cash advance, and for good reason.

Medical bills are frequently around this amount, from expensive dental procedures to emergency operations or ambulance rides that you could not have predicted needing when you budgeted. This amount is enough to pay for food, plus most of your other bills in a month, or even pay rent if you have a cheap apartment (or cover the rest of it if you have a more expensive one). A $500 cash advance is very useful for a number of different situations, as it isn't too huge an amount to pay back from your paycheck and it is enough to cover the cost of numerous things.

There are some misconceptions about what exactly a $500 cash advance is and how to get one; some people believe it's illegal or impossible to obtain without a great deal of hassle.

A $500 cash advance (or one for any other small amount, typically up to $1,000) is legal in most areas. Where it isn't legal, loopholes in the laws usually allow payday lenders to lend to people in those areas with the cooperation of out-of-state lending partners anyway.

It's much easier to get a $500 cash advance than to get a loan for thousands of dollars, due to the smaller amount of the loan. As such, lenders allow even those with bad credit to get one, so the interest rates are often higher due to the increased risk.

If you're concerned about interest rates, do some research and compare different lenders and cash advance offers before accepting one, as this can often save you a bundle of cash. Also, compare terms and conditions, such as the consequences for late repayment if you suspect you won't be able to repay the loan on time, as the money you lose to a higher interest rate may be made up for with fewer consequences for late repayment.

Don't leave it to chance; if you're short of money and see no chance of getting more within the time frame you need, think about getting a $500 cash advance. If you shop around, you can find a very reasonable interest rate and avoid getting into legal or financial trouble.

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