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Benefits of Cash Advance Funding

Cash Advance Funding
What is cash advance funding?

Cash advance funding is a type of financial assistance for small business tycoons. It is designed to help out simple businesses get through the incidental difficulties brought about by factors in the business world.

Cash advance funding is granted by a company, which is run by entrepreneurs that understand and can relate to the situation where cash is badly needed to continue operating normally.

Meanwhile, lawsuit cash advance funding makes the clients able to get away from choosing early settlement in the amount much lower than they truly deserve for the reason that they are already short on cash.

Cash advance funding is also granted to plaintiffs, so they can afford to go on with the litigation and be able to comply with its cost. There are also instances when some plaintiffs cannot afford to opt for litigation. Thus, this is one of the best options for them, which is also referred to as plaintiff lawsuit funding.

Through lawsuit cash advance funding, qualified applicants can afford to proceed with the case even if they see possibility of delayed settlement. Litigation financing firms will grant this type of cash advance, so the plaintiff can avoid the risk of saying yes to an unfair settlement.

Delayed settlement

Delayed settlement is a common scenario in court, especially if the defendant is a big business entity that can afford to prolong the litigation. These big companies know that delaying may result in the plaintiff’s approving a settlement in the amount much lower than what they are originally fighting for.

Cash advance funding vs. loans

Cash advance funding is entirely different from a loan. You may apply for a loan, so you can survive through financial problems while waiting for the result of your personal injury lawsuit. However, you have to endure the tedious process of applying, and comply with the long list of requirements.

Cash advance funding is the exact opposite. The process is quick, and the applicant does not need to go through a long process from providing collateral to paying high interest rates.

How does cash advance funding work?

Lawsuit funding or lawsuit cash advances involve a swift procedure. You do not need to worry about not qualifying through credit history checking. The fast processing will depend upon you agreeing to pay a certain arranged value if your case settles, or if you win your case. The litigation financing firm will not get any repayment if your case is not complete.

funding criteria
What are the criteria to be qualified for lawsuit cash advance funding?

  • You are qualified if your business honors customers’ payments are in the form of Visa/MasterCard credit cards
  • Your business has been in operation for at least a year
  • You have a considerably good relationship with your landlord, and have at least a year more on lease agreement
  • You have suitable personal and business credit
  • You have attained Visa/MasterCard monthly sales of at least $4,000 for the past 6 months
  • You can secure bank statements for a period of 6 months, which manifest reasonably regular balances (having this criteria will entitle the applicant for larger cash advance funding approval)
  • Your business does not have instances of bankruptcies or unpaid security interests due to a mortgage

What are the benefits of cash advance funding?

  • Through cash advance funding, you can afford to wait for the settlement of your personal injury or litigation, even when it seems that there is a possibility of delayed settlement. When you have the needed cash on hand, you can afford to get the settlement in the amount that you deserved, instead of unfair payment.
  • Lawsuit funding firms will collect repayment only when the plaintiff’s lawsuit settles.
  • Cash advance funding is a far better option that a real loan. With loans, you will have to pay the principal amount and the corresponding interest, even if you do not win the litigation.
  • The process of application for lawsuit cash advance is a quick one compared to loans. Once your case is qualified, it is immediately reviewed and assessed. You can expect approval within the 3 business days after the essential documentations. You may then receive your cash advance funding on the very day the litigation financing firm has obtained the signed agreement with your attorney.
  • You have to comply with a long list of requirements if you apply for a regular loan. You do not need to suffer the same predicament with cash advance funding.
  • You do not need to worry about producing collateral to qualify.

While in the midst of waiting for your personal injury lawsuit to reach a favorable decision, you may find yourself in deep financial trouble. Then, you are not able to meet the essentials or cost of activities of daily living. In cases like this, a plaintiff might end up not waiting for the case to settle, but instead decide to approve unfair settlement in a very low amount.

While most would opt for filing loans, cash advance funding is actually the best solution.
The process is quick and you will not endure interest rates the way one normally does when tied to a loan.

Cash advance funding is the best shield of a plaintiff against delayed settlements, which are usually done by larger companies to put the former in deeper financial trouble. The aim is to force the plaintiff to agree to a settlement for an amount not equal to what was originally fought for in court.

This type of lawsuit funding will help the plaintiff avoid the trap. If cash advance funding is used to afford to file a case, it can also be used to survive through the whole duration of the litigation.

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