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Spotting A Cash Advance Location

When the bills start piling up and the due dates are getting nearer, you may often feel the need to run for some quick cash. If you happened to have enough money in the bank, a simple withdrawal from your personal funds would do. But if your funds are drying up a little too soon before your next paycheck replenishes them, you might need to spot a cash advance location and get some help.

Like any popular business, a cash advance location is usually quite obvious. A credit agency can be found in an area where there is heavy traffic and a lot of people. So if you have not established business relations with any creditor yet, you can just visit your nearby mall or any shopping establishment and go in and try your luck. An ideal place to look could be on a busy street corner. Many of the local grocery stores have also become recognized as a convenient cash advance location, however you would need to check this information first. Some centers that offer currency exchange have also expanded their service menu and you may find that they also double as a cash advance location.

Perhaps another, rather, old-school way of locating a cash advance location is by simply looking it up in the phone directory. You can phone in to check their business hours and directions on how to get to their office address. It would also be good to call ahead so that you can find out if you are able to be served immediately or if you would need to make an appointment with their office staff. Knowing the cash advance location ahead of time and making an appointment will give you an advantage because they will then be expecting you and you can get down to the business of obtaining a short term loan as quickly as possible. This is beneficial for those that need to have access to cash immediately due to an unforeseen financial situation.

A traditional cash advance location may require you to bring your supporting documents with you, however with the process having been simplified over the years, they may only need evidence of your bank account details and a pay slip or two. Some stores may allow you to conduct your transaction over the phone, however if you choose this option you may still need to fax through some supporting documentation. There are also lenders in physical locations that require no documentation, so you will need to ask the necessary questions so that you are well prepared before you visit the store in person.

If you are an Internet junkie, nothing beats the discreet application process from an online cash advance location. Luckily, there are an increasing number of credit agencies that are being represented online and there are also websites that offer short term loan comparisons. If you like the convenience of the Internet, then this may be a better option for you when you need to obtain a short term loan.


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