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All About Cash Advance Machine

Cash Advance Machine

Having your own payday loan business at a casino can be taxing, especially when you want more borrowers to get to you. Having your own office can give you a steady population, but some of the costs can go to the office maintenance instead of actually adding to your income.

To solve this problem, having your own cash advance machine can help you. But is it worth the investment? There might be unforeseen aspects of having this type of loaning business that you may want to look into before getting your own machine. Read on this article to find out.

How does cash advance machine work?

A cash advance machine is very similar to an ATM, with the main difference that people would actually have to input your basic information. The machine can also scan their valid IDs for verification that you can actually lend them money. It’s practical for your casino for people to actually continue to play in your casino without the hassle of actually having to talk to you or process any more papers or contracts. With just the swipe of a credit card and a bit of basic information, you can lend them money at the lowest cost possible.

Where can I put it?

You can put this type of machine virtually anywhere that falls under the agreement of the company who is selling you the cash advance machine. Of course, common sense will tell you that you have to put it in a place where a lot of human traffic will pass by and potentially borrow money from it. Ideal places for your credit card processing terminal would be the grocery store, the department store and maybe the local shopping center.

This will help you gain an audience without actually having to wait for customers in a loan shop since most people who need a cash advance means that they need money right then and there. If you were in the same position as them, it would be quite convenient to find a credit card processing terminal with ease. Remember, it is still a very valuable machine, so make sure that you put it in a place where it is secure enough both for your investments and the person withdrawing that money.


One of the few advantages of having a cash advance machine is the fact that you don’t have to maintain an office space rent, or maybe an additional office space rent, if you already have on office. It’s a practical way of expanding your business, and if you own a casino, you’re helping people with the convenience in their time of need by having a credit card machine. They get to have a quick cash advance, and can continue gaming soon after. It helps credit holders to have an easy access to cash advance and loans without having to run to a bank when their money at hand is depleted. You get money for your business, and you get money from their cash advance. You increase your total merchant services and it works well both ways for you and your client.

You don’t need to employ more people to work for you when you’re not around, because these machines work on their own with card processing and would only need occasional maintenance. You are able to spread your audience base by being all over the place, so to speak. You get more of the profit minus the hassle, and it can give you much more so long as you maintain your machines. Remember to read through the training manual cash advance machine guide to help you with maintenance.

Another advantage is the fact that they’re using their credit card to make the cash advance, and this means that you don’t have to worry about how to chase after them for paying their interest. Their credit card company will make sure that they will get what they’re due, and you also get what you’re due from your advance machine. There’s a lot of ease when it comes to having your own cash advance machine, and there’s minimal investments that you would have to start with in order to have your own machine.


Auto teller Money
As much as there are advantages for this quick type of cash lending for both you and your lenders, there are a few disadvantages that can be had with cash advance machines. One is the fact that you can’t negotiate interest rates with your client, but that works well enough for you, because your interest rates for cash advance will always be set and your clients won’t be able to do anything about it.

Another factor would understand the machine that you have to work with, and you may have to employ someone to maintain it if the company that sold the machine doesn’t have that help for you. There can be a lot of people who can work out a business, but would not know a thing about how to work credit cash advance software, so there’s bound to be some people who can help you with this.

There hasn’t been a case of machines being hijacked for money, although it’s highly possible for this to happen. This is the reason why these types of machines are placed where there can be security guards that can see them. It’s better to be able to find yourself secure with your investments than to lose anything before you could actually get form them what you have invested in them, even if it’s as far of only getting double.


There are many benefits of having your own credit card processing machine because you can expand your lending market without having to pay for office furniture or extra staff. This is a very promising machine to have for your casino as well because people would be encouraged to stay longer to continue gaming because they can. It is advantageous for business opportunities given that you don’t have to deal with people individually. You only have to be able to maintain the machines and would only have to have minimal help in getting everything in top shape all the time.

The machine will take the necessary information and can access the databases instead of you doing the nitty gritty work. All you have to do is to be able to get the money and actually check up on your machines now and then and the cash advance machine will do wonders for your business. So get your own machine and put up that “We accept credit cards” sign, because you’re in business.

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