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Cash Advance Stores: Your Cash Needs

Cash Advance Stores
Bringing yourself to find ways to make ends meet with bills left and right can end in frustration. However, looking for fast cash is convenient and simple enough through cash advance stores in your area.

Your money may still last for the month, but it may not seem to be enough due to unexpected expenses. Difficult circumstances, such as home repairs, car repairs, instant cash for job hunting, or legal fees can take a toll on your expenses. A short term loan can take you through the next payday by applying through cash advance stores in your area.

Applying for a loan is best with a favorable contract. This means that the contract is suited to your approximate need at the time, and the rates should be fair. A good way to check out cash advance stores is their laudability to the public eye, which means they rate solidly with consumer organizations and recognized positively with the Better Business Bureau.

An emergency situation can literally save you from further worries or regrets by going to a cash advance store near you.

Processing your application

If you have seen to it that you know which cash advance store to go to, it can be quite unnerving how the transaction or loan approval will go. Depending on the state laws it may mean you can get a cash payday advance from $100 to $1000 in total.

Here is what you can expect with the process:

  • You have the option to write a personal check on the loan amount and the payday loan fee. Terms and conditions apply, depending on certain cash advance stores.
  • Prepare the necessary documents. Usually what you need is a state or federal issued ID with your picture, a recent checking account statement, and a pay stub or any other proof of income. For Oklahoma and Indiana residents, your Social Security Number must be with you.
  • Present these requirements along with the check to be issued and await the contract conditions and approval terms.

What if you have a bad credit score?

The challenge with some people is the realization that one may have a less than stellar credit history. Be self-assured when it comes to paying off loans. Memorize the dates or have a notebook with you at all times to let you in on the scheduled payments.

Some cash advance stores do not have the traditional reporting agencies in case you have bad credit since a state database handles this through TeleTrack or Veritec. These tools are recommended to be used in stores in order to help you out, even if you filed for bankruptcy a few years back.

Cash advance FAQs

Advances Office
There are some basic inquiries that can let you decide from a number of cash advance stores in your locality. You should:

  • Ask about your options in paying. A cash advance store may willingly take the payday advances in person.
  • See to it if a force deposit check is implemented in their policy. This holds that the check you made will withdraw the loan amount from your account automatically. However, it may be best to know your state laws regarding this arrangement.
  • You may ask about rescinding your payday loan if you do change your mind, and if there are applicable charges.
  • Check the lender's privacy policy. Read into the cash advance stores’ customer agreements and make sure it outlines the payday loan amount, service fees included, and the annual percentage rate or APR. This procedure makes sure there is full disclosure on the part of the company, even in the assumption that this is to be considered as a short term loan only. This also guarantees and informed decision.
  • Find out if you can make an extension of your payday loan. The effort in garnering a maximum of four rollovers or extensions is possible. This is also due to the fact that of cash advance stores are for short term use only. The policy protects consumers under state laws that issue certain limits that are to be followed over and above any coinciding agreement.
  • If by any chance you are unable to commit to payment, then a collections agency will be handling your account in the appropriate manner. The financial institution where your account is being held will be charging an NSF fee for the returned check.

Checking your mindset

If you do need cash and can break down the exact allotment for your next payday, then cash advance stores can give you the possible funding. Store locations are easily found on the lender’s website via a store locator, or you can select your state and enter your zip code.

Avoid third party lenders. They can give you an edge on how fast you need to have the cash, but you can expect to have a higher charging fee along with this service.

The timing of payday loans offers a temporary crutch to support the borrower. The lender assumes that one has the capacity to produce on the next paycheck. Online payday loans are also available and are known to have low rates too.

If you prefer a paperless transaction, an online lender is the way to go, but there is still a contract agreement in this type of processing. An online cash advance can be processed within the hour and a deposit to your account will be made on the next business day. Do your research and you may appreciate the fruits of your labor with a little browsing on the Internet on the best rates being offered.

If you are not convinced in getting a loan in times of emergencies and let due dates pass through the mail, it may surprise you how much you are to shell out at a later date. You may note that there are many additional charges with late payments.

In comparison a credit card balance that needs payment will balloon ten times over on the APR than making a cash advance. A late payment for utility bills will charge you for a reconnection fee of $46. A bounced check including the NSF or merchant fee will cost you $54 compared to borrowing from a cash advance stores with an average of $15 in the range of a $100 loan.

Nonetheless, if you are in financial trouble and need cash quickly, then working with reputable cash advance stores will help you find the relief.

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