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Disadvantages of a Cash Advance in Casino

Cash Advance in Casino
Everyone has practically heard of Las Vegas and its popularity as a gambling haven. It is not a secret that people lose money, although a cash advance in casino can help. However, there are pitfalls to having a cash advance, and especially in such a high-risk environment.

You can say that withdrawing from the cash advance in casino will save you a lot of time rather than going to a bank. What you do not see is the fact that you are using your credit card to get money to gamble. This in itself is already a gamble.


As much as gambling has more cons than pros, it is a thrilling game for most people. With understanding the mentality of a gambler, it is difficult to stop once you are into the game.

Gambling is a losing man’s game, even before you get to sit down. A casino house edge will always be there, and the more you feel like you are winning, the more you will want to play. Most people gamble with cash at hand, but those who have been playing for a long time know the thirst of wanting to play more. They will try to get the money in any way possible, and by any means possible, even if it is incurring a huge amount of debt.

Some gamblers only stop once they are broke, but in the age of convenient credit cards, a cash advance in casino is all it takes for them to get a restock of money. There is no need to call your bank for a loan because you just need to stand up, find the machine, and go back to playing.

Cash advance machines

A cash advance machine is a great business, especially for grocery stores, casinos, and other places that need cash at hand. You can get cash in the fastest way possible without thinking of the long lines or having to go back the next day because you still have to check on the bank. You do not have to go through so many tedious steps just to acquire the money you currently do not have.

Casino Machines
When you run out of cash, it is easy to run to the kiosk of the cash advance in casino to get more money through your credit card, which is conveniently there for that purpose. You can play some more now and think about it later, and you can pay for it after you are done enjoying. However, such ease coupled with a gambling addiction can create financial ruin.

Why do people still go for it? It is the easy way out; a drive-thru in the convenient cash industry. In the age of consumerism, it is not a surprise that it is easy for people to get drawn by the charms of the shiny cash advance in casino. Sometimes, they do not even know what they are really spending for and what purchases are counted already as part of the cash advance system. Sometimes, even casino chip purchases are considered as part of your cash advance bill.

Withdrawing a cash advance in casino is not going to solve your financial debt later. In order to pay for a large cash advance debt, you have to somehow get the money upfront to avoid the penalty fees. Then, you will have other debts to worry about. You can get into this horrible cycle of paying debts just because of a poor decision in the heat of the moment.

Credit card cash advance

Anyone who has ever owned a credit card knows of the existence of higher cash advance interest rates when you cash out from your credit card. For other people, it could be easy to pay off, but people with an outstanding balance or bad credit record can find themselves in trouble. A cash advance balance in a credit card bill is something that you cannot pay off until you have paid off your outstanding balance or settled your bad credit. As you pay off the balance, your cash advance credit also increases the longer that you do not get to pay for it.

This is the reason why a cash advance using your credit card should be used for emergencies only. The interest rate for credit cards is sometimes just too much to keep any person sane at the thought of financially going under. If you want to gamble away your money, make sure that you leave that credit card at home because it will tempt you less from going to the shiny kiosk for a  cash advance in casino.

As much as getting a cash advance in casino is convenient, the steep interest rate is something that most people cannot handle in the long run. Even if gambling is a fun past time, or could be an addiction, one of the ways to really put a halt from going completely and utterly broke is by not putting it all on one large tab to be paid off later. In the age of fast food and “convenient” everything, people are discovering that they are actually losing more.

Do not fall for the shiny trap of a cash advance in casino, and learn to manage your money on your own. If you have the money on hand, then that is a good thing, but if you do not, then that is it. Money management is one of the more tedious tasks that one has to undergo in order to live a comfortable life, so never skip out on it and remember what needs to be paid its due.

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