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Cheapest Cash Advance: Where and How to Get It

Cheapest Cash Advance
Is it even possible to get the cheapest cash advance? The cash advance itself is not that cheap compared to other loans, but you do not have to be stuck in expensive terms, especially during a financial crisis. The last thing you need is adding more debt to your account. 

What you need to know is where to get the cheapest cash advance. Once you know where to get it, you will then know how to get the cheapest.

Where to get the cheapest cash advance loan

Traditionally, credit card companies and employers offer cash advances. With the credit card company, getting a cheap cash advance is as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM. That is how simple these cash advances are. No need to process any documents, fill any forms, or talk with anyone. Just get the cheap payday cash right from your credit card and enjoy the instant cash you have.

Although credit cards offer the cheapest cash advance of only about 20% annual percentage rate, not everyone is given the privilege to use it. Not all credit card holders are entitled to getting cash advance loans from their accounts. Usually, only those with good credit standing can do that. Unfortunately, these are also the people who need cheap cash advances the least.

Another option is to get the cheap payday loan from your employer. Basically, it is just getting your salary in “advance.” This can be the cheapest cash advance because most employers do not charge for interest rate. However, only very few employers have this special program. Another problem is that the amount you can loan from this cheap payday is only about half of how much lenders can offer you. Because of this, this kind of cheap payday loan is advisable only if you are intending to borrow just a small amount.

Your credit card and your employer are always readily available whenever you need the cheapest cash advance. The problem is that you may not be entitled to any of these two cheap cash advance options. What will you do then? Do not worry because there are still other ways to get the cheapest cash advance that is not offered by your employer or your credit card company.

Other ways to get the cheapest cash advance loans

Cash advance is now a term used to mean a short-term loan. For the lending industry, a cash advance is similar to payday loans, personal cash advances, and quick cheap cash loans.

All of these types of loans have similar concepts. You can borrow a small amount of money (usually up to $1,500), pay it within a short period of time (usually a week to two weeks), and they have high interest rate (usually 15% for a week or a two-week loan). So if you do not have a credit card that allows cash advances or your employer does not offer such loans payday loans, you can always run to the nearest local payday loan lender.

The cheap payday process is simple and fast. You can definitely get the cheapest payday loans payday within an hour or within the day.

see cash in the pocket
Make sure that you qualify for the cheapest cash advance. The typical qualifications include that you should be at least 18 years old, have a regular job or a stable source of income, and be a citizen of the country. You will have to fill a form and then submit it to the lender’s representative. You might be asked to submit a photocopy of your latest pay slip or company ID.

The lender will credit check the accuracy of the information that you have provided for the cash advance cash advance, so you have to make sure that you provided only the true data about yourself.

Lenders do the credit check with Teletrack, a credit reporting agency for short-term loans payday loans. Teletrack has all the information that the lender needs for the credit check. The result of that credit check will end with approval or disproval of your cheap payday loan application.

Also, make sure that you have a good Teletrack record by checking its accuracy. You can get a copy of your Teletrack payday loan record for free. Fix all the bad records there and the next time you need fast cheap cash, you will certainly get the cheapest cash advance easily and speedily.

If your cash advances record is okay, the lender will grant your loan and then you can get the cheap cash right away. You may also negotiate for better cash advances deals, like lower interest rates or an extended payment period. You should provide the lender with a good reason to give you the better deals for if you have been a good borrower or do not have any outstanding loans payday loans from other lenders. Just ask for what you want. There is nothing wrong in doing so but it will give you a chance to get the cheapest cash advance.

Another way to get the cheapest cash advance is through loans online. Many lenders are now operating loans online for faster, easier, and cheaper payday loans payday application

The loans online process is just the same, only that everything is done online. You will have to sign up for a free loans online account first. Then, you can submit the cash advances loans online application. The lender will get back to you within the day through a phone call or email, but instead of handing you the money, the money will be sent electronically to your bank account or checking account.

Whether loans online or not, you can certainly get the cheapest cash advance if you will pay on or before the due date so you can avoid any late payments or rollover fees. The longer your payday loan is left unpaid, the higher your payday loans payday will be.

When you are in financial trouble, getting the cheapest cash advance can have you back on your feet in no time.

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