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The Benefits of Direct Cash Advance Lenders

The Benefits of Direct Cash Advance Lenders
Are you sure that you are dealing with one of the direct cash advance lenders? Many borrowers are never even aware that there are companies that only represent the lenders and are not the so-called direct lenders. These borrowers are often those who get cash advance deals online, which is the common portal of third-party lenders.

Since the deal is not with the direct cash advance lenders, the borrower is charged with additional fees. You will be paying more than how much you should pay for if you deal directly with the lender and not with any of the representatives.

Third-Party Cash Advance Payday Loans Lenders

So who are these third-party fast cash advance lenders? These are not actually the direct cash advance lenders, but only their representatives. Third-party lenders usually serve hundreds of cash lenders within a specified area. They act as the line that connects those who need cash advances and those who can provide cash advances, so they work for both parties. They make it easier for borrowers to choose the best cash advance direct lenders using only a few steps and a short time, as well as for the direct payday loan lenders to find borrowers to serve.

It is rare for these third-party quick cash loans lenders to operate locally with a physical store, and the reason is quite obvious. Even if you can process the documents in their physical office, they still need to submit the form to potential direct payday loan lenders. This process is tedious and very costly on their part, especially since they only earn a portion of the profit from cash advance direct loan cash lenders.

That is why almost all of the third-party fast cash loans lenders operate online and simply manage one website for hundreds of cash lenders. This is also the reason why online payday loan lenders seem to be more flexible for the requirements for the borrowers. No checking account or bank account is sometimes allowed for any cash advances. Although the setup is quite convenient, the system is also the culprit behind many fast cash loans scammers online.

Many of the third-party payday loan lenders do not pursue a background check of the direct cash advance lenders before adding them to the list. That means they could be sending important borrowers’ information to potential payday loan scammers.

As what experts always recommend, never deal with third-party cash advances lenders. Only deal with direct cash advance lenders. The process may be more tedious and tough, but at least you know that direct cash advance lenders are less likely to scam borrowers.

Enjoying the Benefits of Dealing with Cash Advance Direct Lenders

There may be some benefits dealing with a third-party lender, but the benefits of dealing with direct cash advance lenders are still more valuable.

  • Less scam risks. As mentioned earlier, third-party payday loan lenders may be sending your information to potential scammers. That will never happen when submitting application to direct cash advance lenders because you know that they are not scammers, but registered financial assistance businesses.
  • Cheaper rates. Third-party payday loans lenders earn by getting commission from the lender or adding fees on top of your loan cash advances fees. Whatever way is used to generate income, it is always the borrowers who bear the risk of higher fees.

With direct cash advance lenders, you are purely paying only for the lenders and their services. That means you can expect cheaper overall fees of getting direct fast cash advance loans.

  • Faster service. What is good about third-party lenders is that they can send your application to many direct cash advance lenders at one time. This could be faster because you do not have to jump from one lender to another.

Cash Advance History
If you are a good payer with an ideal credit standing and paying history, you can get a fast cash advance faster with direct cash advance lenders. No more additional processes required. Simply submit your application to the direct lender, who will assess whether you will most likely pay the loan or not. If the payday loans are approved, then you get the quick cash. It is certainly faster than entertaining lots of lender cash advance lenders. 

As much as possible, only deal with direct cash advance lenders whenever in need of quick cash loans. Third-party lenders may have their unique benefits, but these can never beat the benefits of dealing with direct cash advance lenders.

Where to Find Direct Cash Advance Lenders

It is quite easy to find reputable direct cash advance lenders because they are usually the most successful. It is best to ask the people around you for recommended quick cash lenders because they are those that have been proven and tested. You may also read forums about other borrowers’ recommended direct cash advance lenders.

Recommended cash lenders are often the best, but to be sure, you must check the reputation of the direct cash advance lenders, especially if you are unfamiliar about them. Online search engines are simple to use. Just type in the name of the payday loans company and add the word “scam” or “review” and personal experiences of those who have dealt with that lender will show up.

For a more objective assessment, you should check with the Better Business Bureau. They list all the direct cash advance lenders, both reputable and scammers, to warn borrowers like you. Never deal with a fast cash loans lender without checking the background or you might only suffer very high interest rate.

It is also a good idea to read the important points on your state law regarding payday loans, cash advances, or other short-term quick cash loans. The law clearly states the responsibilities of the direct cash advance lenders and your responsibilities also as a borrower.

Whether dealing with third-party payday loans cash lenders or direct cash lenders, always be a wise borrower by checking and rechecking on them before the deal. The direct cash advance lenders seem the best choice, but they still have to undergo the same testing before the first quick cash loan deal.

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