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How to Obtain Fast Cash Loans with Bad Credit

Fast Cash Loans with Bad Credit
Fast Cash Loans with Bad Credit

If you have an emergency need for funds it may be difficult to obtain fast cash loans with bad credit. The loan application process with a traditional bank can be lengthy and with a bad credit history you have a strong chance of your application being turned down. Traditional banks are hesitant to lend money to high risk borrowers when the bank has no security.

Online Lenders which Specialize in Fast Cash Loans with Bad Credit Borrowers

If you have a bad credit history then you should look for lenders which specialize in fast cash loans with bad credit borrowers. These are untraditional lenders which are willing to accept the higher risks that come with providing fast cash loans to bad credit borrowers. They are willing to take the risk in exchange for a higher interest rate on the loan.

You can find these high risk lenders online offering fast cash loans with bad credit. There are also brokers online which will analyze your financial application and recommend lenders which will consider making fast cash loans with bad credit.

The online loan brokers will charge a fee for their services. If you decide to use a broker to assist with your search for online fast cash with bad credit lenders choose the broker carefully. You need to be wary of scams and frauds. Check with the Better Business Bureau and look for consumer references and reviews to see if the broker you are considering has consumer complaints from previous dealings. There are unscrupulous online sites that will take advantage of the uninformed. Not only do you risk paying for services you do not receive you will be giving your personal financial information to someone who may use it for illicit purposes.

You can also find a fast cash with bad credit lender yourself. You will discover hundreds of websites offering fast cash for bad credit risks. It is wise to get as much information about these online lenders as possible and to check with the Better Business Bureau and previous customer references and reviews to ensure the lender is legit. Never give your personal financial information over the internet to anyone you are not absolutely sure is reputable. You will also want to make sure the application process used to transmit your financial information has state of the art security and encryption processes in place to ensure your stolen information is not stolen.

The interest rates on fast loans with bad credit will be higher than you would pay on loans if you had a good credit history but that is to be expected since the lenders are taking a bigger risk when they loan you money that you will pay back the loan. Unsecured short term loans will not solve all your problems if you have considerable credit card or other high interest debts. There are other options you may want to consider if you want to rebuild your credit score or if your financial problems need a longer term solution.

Other Options for Bad Credit Risk Borrowers

Mortgage Loan
Mortgage Loan
If a fast, payday, unsecured, thirty day loan does not work for you there are other options you may want to consider.

Home Equity Loans are a possibility to consider if you have equity in your home. A home equity loan will give you relief from high interest debt with a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan and a longer payback term. Home equity loans are tricky to get approved in today’s volatile real estate market especially if you have had a mortgage or loan default in the past. Lenders are also leery of the value of real estate holding up in a forced sale given the number of foreclosed homes on the market in many communities.

Debt Settlement Plans are a possibility if you are in a position where you are over your head in debt and have stopped making the minimum payments on your credit cards and loans. A debt settlement plan will not give you instant cash but it may provide you with a way out of your current fiscal situation and allow you to rebuild your credit.

You can structure a debt settlement with your creditors yourself if you are willing to put in the time and effort or there are debt settlement companies that will do it for you.

A debt settlement plan requires the credit card companies and other lenders to agree to a settlement for less than your balance owed, maybe 50 cents on the dollar. The credit card companies or other creditors may be willing to take a settlement offer rather than to try to sue you or keep trying to collect the full balance owed and force you into bankruptcy.

Generally, a debt settlement plan requires you to establish an automatic deduction from a bank or savings account to pay off the reduced balances according to a schedule you have agreed to as part of the plan. An advantage of using one of the settlement companies is that they will pick-up your first couple of months payments while you accumulate the funds needed to make the future payments.

Secure credit cards are one way to reestablish your credit score after you have paid off you existing debts and are ready to begin again. To obtain a secure credit card you must make a cash deposit to secure the card. Then you can use the secure credit card like a debit card. If you continue to make timely payments paying off the charges you make with the secure card you will improve your credit score and qualify for a conventional credit card.


Before you determine a fast cash loan is the answer to your financial problems you need to do an honest evaluation of your current situation. If indeed you have a one-time financial need a fast cash loan may work for you. If however your financial challenges are more systemic you may want to look at a longer term solution.

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