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Cash Loans Which are Not Payday Loans – Offering better solutions than plain payday loans

Cash Loans Which are Not Payday Loans
People can never expect when financial problems may arise. Emergency situations in need of urgent cash can befall even the most prepared individuals. For this reason, payday loans have gained popularity as it offers a quick solution to your monetary cringes. However, the high interest rates are definitely a major disappointment. In this case, is it possible to get cash loans which are not payday loans?

Cash loans which are not payday loans are definitely a hard thing to find. Most payday lending companies only offer 1- or 2-period payday loans. That is, there is a rather quick repayment term in which borrowers must adhere to. However, there are rare loan companies which offer installment plans which can provide more ease of payment rather than strict repayment terms of payday loans.

Installment loans – cash loans which are not payday loans

Strictly speaking, online payday loans are fast cash loans designed to be paid within a 1- or 2-pay periods. That is, in most cases, a maximum of 30 days is given to the borrower to pay the loans. In rare situations, loan lenders might offer loan extensions to borrowers who are unable to pay the loans within the specified time. That means, another 30 days can be given to the borrowers to earn money to repay the loans. However, since more time has elapsed, it also means that the borrower has to deal with higher finance charges which are harder to pay. Thus, borrowers are unable to pay the loans in full even though they have already been extended. The worst part about it is that most of the monthly budget of the borrower already went to the loan lender. So, the borrower is put in a much deeper financial problem than before.

Better lending companies would offer installment loans rather than plain payday loans. In a way, installment loans are cash loans which are not payday loans. Instead of having to pay loans full, borrowers are given installment plans to better adjust to the burden of paying the loans. In addition, loan lenders who offer cash loans which are not payday loans also approves loan without credit check cash or faxing. For that reason, even borrowers with bad credit records can be approved for their loan application. Cash loans which are not payday loans are very similar to the latter in terms of interest rates and application process. However, the main difference lies in the repayment terms. Generally, installment loans are much better handled than plain Internet payday loan. Borrowers are guaranteed of fast cash loan in just hours.

In cash loans which are not payday loans, borrowers can apply for loan amounts ranging from £100 to £1,500 pounds depending on the borrower’s credit information. As much as loan lenders would want to give borrowers a high loan amount, they could not do that easily as they have to determine the capability of the borrower to repay the loan. Once approved, the loan amount is directly deposited into the borrower’s active bank account. In as little as two hours, cash loans which are not payday loans can already be withdrawn by the borrower. Fast cash loan today is one of the benefits of installment loans.

Cash loans which are not payday loans – the real deal

Happy to Getting Cash
Installment loans or cash loans which are not payday loans are still not much popular to borrowers. For one, people would opt for payday loans which are already trusted than installment loans. Aside from this, not many people realize the difference between the two types of loans.

Cash loans which are not payday loans are generally better than the latter in a lot of aspects. Aside from the ease of payment due to installment plans, borrowers can also enjoy a lower interest rate than most payday loans. Loan lenders who provide installment loans offer plans which are 50% less expensive than most payday loan lenders. In addition, borrowers can coordinate with their loan lenders in terms of repayment plans if ever they encounter problems with it.

The biggest feats of cash loans which are not payday loans are in the repayment terms. Borrowers can pay the total amount in small payments over a period of time. This is very advantageous as borrowers are given enough flexibility when it comes to paying the loans. Also, borrowers do not necessarily feel the burden of paying for the loans as they are paid in small segments which do not necessarily cut down most of their monthly budget. What these loan lenders promise borrowers is that their loans are very affordable and borrowers can even set their payment scheme to suit their lifestyle best. Terms can even be arranged should the borrowers realize that they want to pay the loans in full.

Taking advantage of cash loans which are not payday loans

With flexibility in repayment terms and lower interest rates, borrowers are sure to benefit from installment loans. With much freedom given to repayment term, borrowers would not feel the full burden of paying for the loans. Since they are paid in small segments, the borrower’s monthly budget need not be cut unnecessarily. With this feat, borrowers could take full control of where to direct their monthly budget.

The lower interest rates of cash loans which are not payday loans are definitely very appealing. Interest rates for regular payday loans could even go to as high as 300%. With these installment loans introduced, less interest rate is given and loan lenders are more borrower-friendly. Borrowers would not be trapped in the never ending process of payday loans as they are given much freedom when it comes to installment loans. When done correctly, borrowers are sure to benefit from these loans instead of giving more burdens to them. Installment loans offer the best real solution to a borrower’s financial hardship. With flexibility and low interest rates, what more can you ask for?


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