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Need a 1 Hour Payday Loan?

Are you struggling to put food on the table? In a situation where you just can't pay the bill for car repair, yet you need your car to get to work? You aren't alone. Many people find themselves in similar situations every year, a bit short of money and needing to get by until the next payday. This is why the 1 hour payday loan was invented – so you can get your money within an hour.

You may wonder who really gets a 1 hour payday loan. Since eligibility is so broad, the answer is just about anyone! You do have to be over eighteen in order to get a 1 hour payday loan, so that it's legal, but the requirements other than that are loose. Some lenders need to see proof of employment, and others want to be sure that you have been employed steadily at one job for the past few months as a way of ensuring they will get their money back at the end of the loan term. Depending on the lender, you may also undergo a credit check, but there are no telecheck loans for those people who have bad credit and can't get a traditional loan.

It's easy to find someone who will provide you with a 1 hour payday loan. Some large cities have numerous loan outlets, small shops that specialize in providing payday loans to people in need. Smaller towns may have one, but if you're in a very small town or you don't want to be seen in public going to one of these shops, you can consider online loans. These online loans reduce the hassle of going to an outlet, sometimes provide you with more choice and better security, as you can check on lenders before agreeing to their conditions, and are perfectly safe.

You should try comparing lenders and loans before agreeing to sign paperwork for a 1 hour payday loan. Sometimes you can get a better interest rate at one lender that you never would have gotten at another, or one will be willing to waive a fee to get your business. Also, check up on the history and reviews of a lender first, to ensure you aren't getting yourself into a sticky situation.

With proper caution and common sense, you can use a 1 hour payday loan to get your cash fast, pay off your debt or pay for the things you need, and then pay off the loan and be in the free and clear when your next payday rolls around.

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