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Finding a No Faxing Cash Advance

Your credit is in the toilet, and it feels like your life is going the same direction. You need money fast, and no lenders will give it to you thanks to your bad credit. Even payday loan shops turn you down after the fax is returned to them with the truth about your credit history. There's one option left beyond this, however – a no faxing cash advance.

Just about anyone can get a no faxing cash advance, unlike regular cash advances and payday loans. Your credit record is not checked at all, so regardless of your credit status, you can get this type of advance. The only universal requirement is for you to be over eighteen years of age; this means you can legally enter a contract. Most places will also require you to have a bank account, either checking or savings.

The other sticky point is employment – many lenders require you to be currently employed, and to prove it through providing recent paystubs. Some will also want proof that you have held the job for a length of time, too.

If you don't know what a cash advance is, you're rare in this day and age. Most people have had to take out at least one before, even if they won't admit it. The amount of a cash advance typically varies from $100 to $1,500 or so, but the actual amounts vary between lenders. Some specialize in higher amounts, while others prefer to only lend small amounts. The fact that you presumably have bad credit means you'll pay considerable interest because of the risk you pose, but this option may just be better than nothing in your current circumstances.

The process to get a no faxing cash advance is relatively simple. All you have to do is provide the proof of your age, employment, and banking details to the lender, who will approve or deny you (but denials are uncommon since your credit isn't being checked). They will extend a loan offer, which you will carefully read and note down the terms of, then accept or reject, and you will quickly get the money.

Get your head above water with a no faxing cash advance; within a day or two, you can have extra cash to do what you need to without being judged or turned down by your potential lender. You'll be on the road to financial security once more.

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