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The Possibility of No Paper Check Payday Loans

No Paper Check Payday Loans
The no paper check payday loans may seem weird at first. Various people have grown up with a system of instant payday loans that uses papers. They file documents in papers,  sign contracts on papers, and receive fast cash with papers.

So it would not be surprising if many people cannot believe that there are no paper check payday loans. The first question is usually how will the process be if the loans are paperless, while the second question asks if it is safe dealing with paperless lenders.

Understanding the Typical Payday Loan Process

The process of getting cash advance payday loans is simple. The borrower will go to the lender, file an application for a short-term loan, submit the application, wait for the process to be approved, and get the fast cash.

Usually, the lender will only require proof that the borrower is employed, and the latest pay slip is enough to prove that. More documents may be necessary for the cash advance loans, like those that prove the borrower's age and citizenship.

The borrower will have to sign an agreement and write a postdated check with the amount borrowed plus fees. The check will be dated after the deadline of the borrower to pay off the loan. Typically, the loan has to be paid on the next payday. This explains why it is called a payday loan in the first place.

On or before the due date of paying the payday loan, the borrower needs to go back to the lender to pay off the debt in person. If not, the lender will use the postdated check. The borrower has to make sure that the check is funded, otherwise, he/she will face the charges of a bounced check.

The No Paper Check Payday Loans Process

Through the Internet, you can apply online and process practically paperless loans or faxless payday loans. Many lenders today have their services available online as well, so the borrower only has to visit the lender’s website and experience the no paper check payday loans.

First, the borrower needs to sign-up for an account through the website. This will make the borrower an online payday loan member of the lender’s website. That means, on the next payday loan, you will never go through the same hassles again.

After signing up, you should log in to your account and edit your profile. Every piece of  information that you put on your profile will be used by the lender when processing your no paper check payday loans. To lessen the stress, make sure that every piece of data you enter is accurate.

All you need to do is check the link that will direct you to the online payday loan form for payday loans. Take note that in the usual instant payday loans, you are also required to fill up a form. This is the same, only done online.

Some documents may be needed when you apply online, which you have to attach to the submitted form. The documents can be scanned or faxed to the lender. In that case, the loans cannot be faxless payday loans anymore. Most of the lenders offering no paper check payday loans do not require any more documents because your provided information is already enough to determine whether you are a good payer or not.

You do not need to sign documents because agreeing to the conditions of the no paper check payday loans will already satisfy that. The next puzzling question on no paper check payday loans is how will you get the fast cash? The lender will send the fast cash electronically to your savings or checking account. Once the deposit is confirmed, you can withdraw the fast cash and use it however you like.

A cup of Money
Paying the cash advance loans is easy as well. You may be asked for your credit card or debit card, and the lender will simply get funds from the selected card once the due date has come. Another way is for you to go to the office personally to pay or deposit payment for the fast cash to the lender’s account.

Dangers of No Paper Check Payday Loans

To apply online for no paper check payday loans is undoubtedly more convenient than the typical processing of cash advance loans. However, you should understand that this set-up is also easy for scammers.

Many scammers have taken advantage of the popularity of borrowers who apply online for no paper check payday loans. After all, it is easier to setup an online payday website and copy everything that the legitimate website has.

So your first line of defense is not to apply online for the no paper check payday loans at all. If it cannot be prevented, then make sure to check the cash advance lender’s name on the Better Business Bureau.

Check the website’s URL as well. Many instant payday loans scammers will copy the domain name of a legitimate lender to make it appear like the real online payday website. For example, the legitimate lender’s URL is: The scammer will simply copy that and have this URL: Only few online borrowers will notice the difference, so you must be very careful when accessing a website of any lender, even legitimate lenders.

Better yet, always call the instant payday loans lender if you feel uncomfortable using their website. Trust your instinct. If you feel uncomfortable, then there may be something wrong.

Most importantly, never pay any online payday lender, even for the no paper check payday loans. Scammers will scam by asking for the payment upfront. If the lender does that, you should look elsewhere.

Using the no paper check payday loans is quite easy for solving your financial dilemmas. You just need to make sure that you are dealing with non-scammers, but only legitimate no paper check payday loans lenders.

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