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A Guide to Finding Real Cash Advance Lenders

Real Cash Advance Lenders
When you do not take care or settle your monthly expenses or dues on time, they will be a huge financial burden to you, and there are complications and financial impacts that might hurt your budget further. In these types of situations, help from real cash advance lenders is necessary.

Payday cash advance loans commonly resolve issues of short term cash flow. It is almost always a convenient, dependable, and suitable resource for obtaining fast money. Real cash advance lenders are the better choice as compared to having extra charges on your rent, mortgages, credit cards, bounced checks, or car loan payments.

Just imagine the large amount in penalty fees that you will have to shoulder with the overdue payments of your monthly obligations, as opposed to the lower interest rate of payday advance loans from real cash advance lenders.

While there are thousands of payday lender cash advance out there, you may have heard some borrowers or individuals that experienced fraud payday lenders or scam artists. There are also some cash advance lenders who will take advantage of desperate customers by charging them unreasonable rates, so you will have to find real cash advance lenders that can best serve your quick loan needs.

Types of loan lenders

When you are applying for fast cash payday loans, you must find real cash advance lenders that are licensed, legitimate, and responsible. Before you decide to apply with one, make sure that you do your homework first by researching and knowing what a legal or real cash advance lender is.

As not to be confused, there are two types of loan lenders: the direct payday loan lender, and the indirect lender. 

The direct lenders, or the real cash advance lenders, are usually the owners of the company and the money that will be provided to you will come from their own funds. The indirect advance lenders are usually the brokers or middlemen that get commission fees from every approved transaction made. Dealing with indirect lenders or third-party lenders will cost you more as commission fees will be added or included in the computation of your loan amount due.

How to choose real cash advance lenders

Finding Real cash Advance
You can find fast cash loan lenders that promote their loan business through billboards, newspapers, magazines, community boards, online, radio, and more. Among the thousands of these payday loan lenders, here is a guide on how to select real cash advance lenders:

  1. Check for the license number. If they are state approved or registered, then they can present you a license. This will also prove to you that they are operating legally. Real cash advance lenders do not hide this information from their customers. They will usually post this in documents or on their website as proof that they are legitimate loan lenders.
  2. Ask for their contact information. Real cash advance lenders will normally have toll-free numbers that you can contact. Check out the full company name, physical address of the store location (if any), toll-free phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses.  If a loan lender does not want to provide this information, then you may be dealing with a scam.
  3. Safe and secured website. For online cash advance lenders, they will create and develop their websites as being safe and secured. This is to provide confidentiality and to protect their customers from identity theft. These cash advance lenders want to establish good relationships with their customers, and one of the ways to do this is to invest in a protected site. Always look for the VeriSign logo, which will indicate that all your personal information will be safely transferred over the Internet. 
  4. Read customer reviews. Check out reviews or forums about the loan lender. If the lender is a fake, you will find lots of warnings, especially if the lender has scammed many borrowers. People who have been affected by fraud websites or con artists will share their experiences to warn other people.
  5. Check the name under watchdog groups. If you are uncertain or have doubts about a specific or particular loan lender, you can verify it with the Better Business Bureau, Federal listing, or other watchdog groups. 
  6. Affiliations. There are real cash advance lenders that proudly display their affiliations with state or federal associations related to the loan industry. You can validate their name from their affiliated associations to determine whether they are for real.
  7. Know your state law. By knowing what the state or federal law imposes on payday loan lenders, you will have the opportunity to find out if they are real cash advance lenders.  They will be following the state rules and regulations in terms of applying the right interest rates, annual percentage rates, and payment terms.  If they go beyond what the law tells them to, then it is wise to find another loan lender because real cash advance lenders will not rip you off with unreasonable interest rates and fees. 
  8. Discuss the cash advance loan agreement. If you have already decided to take an affordable payday loan and have applied for it, a loan agreement will be provided to you.  Real cash advance lenders will discuss and explain everything included in the agreement, especially the things that may not be clear to you. They will also provide you frequently asked questions to better explain what you are getting into. They will willingly share all information about the loan and will gladly be of service to you.

Following these guides will definitely help you find real cash advance lenders. There will always be those only pretending to be reputable that will take money from you instead of helping you out, so always be on your toes.

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