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Getting the Best Deal from the Best Cash Advance Companies

Best Cash Advance Companies
When faced with financial emergencies, millions of people rely on the best cash advance companies for payday loans to meet an unexpected expense or emergency. The number of people who apply for payday loans has been increasing in recent years. With the high demand for payday loan services, cash advance companies have mushroomed in almost everywhere.

Most cash advance companies offer almost the same loan amounts, rates, and repayment terms.  Be wise when getting a cash advance. Ask family and friends for the best cash advance companies they can recommend before making your choice. The best cash advance companies will usually have the following selling points:

No fuss qualification criteria

The best cash advance companies offer unsecured cash advances. No collateral, except for your next paycheck, is required by these companies. Payday loans are no credit check loans, so your credit history or present credit standing has no bearing when applying for a cash advance. Even individuals with bad credit are welcome to apply for a payday loan.

The qualification criteria set by these companies for cash advance applicants are simple and easy to fulfill. If you are a resident of UK, at least 18 year of age, employed with a steady income of at least £1,000, and have a bank account that utilizes direct depositing or an active checking account, then you can qualify for a payday loan. There are cash advance companies that also require you to have been employed with the present company for at least two to four months.

Low rates

The best cash advance companies do not charge application fees and they offer low short term cash advance rates for online cash advance. Through the cash advance company’s website, you can find out about the rate of interest they charge. Usually, you will be given an annual percent rate and you have to do some computations to arrive at the fee you will pay for the payday loan you are applying for.

There are cash advance companies that offer an interest rate of 1% per day for loans, which are expected to be paid in just a few days. The fee or the interest for the loan is paid together with loan amount on repayment due date.

The best cash advance companies give full disclosure of the fees they will charge. There are no complicated loan formulas to think of or hidden fees to worry about.

Fast and secure application processing

The best cash advance companies process loans online. You can apply for a payday loan right in the comfort of your own home. There are cash advance companies that even process transactions around the clock, so applications can be done whatever time you please.

An online payday loan application can be completed in just a few minutes. All you have to do is fill out a short and simple online application form found in the cash advance company’s website.  Some cash advance companies will require you to fax documents, such as your picture, driver’s license, bank records, and pay stubs. These documents will be reviewed together with your application. The best cash advance companies process application with no faxing needed, therefore it is completely hassle free. 

The best cash advance companies have secure online application. Any information you give to these companies in your application will not be shared with anyone else, so you do not have to worry about identity theft. 

Online cash advance applications have high approval rates. Since no credit check is conducted, an online cash advance loan is processed in just a few minutes. Some of the best cash advance companies even promise instant application approval. In just a few hours after approval, your cash advance is then deposited into your account.

Repayment of your cash advance loan is also very convenient. When the due date for the loan comes, the loan amount is just withdrawn directly from your account. You do not have to go to the payday loan store to make your payment. 

Flexible repayment terms

Agreed to get loans
Although payday loans are normally due on your payday right after the approval of your application, the best cash advance companies will allow you to choose how long you will have to repay your cash advance. Usually, the allowable range is from eight to twenty five days. There are some cash advance lenders that allow repayment to be done in 45 days or even longer.

If your repayment is set on your next payday, but, because of unforeseen reasons, you cannot make the repayment, you have to contact the cash advance company right away to ask for an extension of your loan. The best cash advance companies grant extensions for a fee. As much as possible, make your repayment when it is due, so as to avoid paying extra charges that might worsen your financial situation. 

Reduced rates on future transactions

The best cash advance companies reward their customers that have been responsibly paying off the payday loans applied for. Loyal and established customers that have borrowed and paid back four cash advances on time are given reduced rates on future transactions. This system of reward encourages borrowers to responsibly pay their repayments on set due date. However, not all cash advances companies have this program.

An online cash advance is really a very convenient way to have cash fast. The best cash advance companies have simplified their application process so that much needed cash is available in just a few hours.

Before applying for a cash advance, it is always best to compare what the different cash advance companies offer. The websites of these companies present almost all the vital information you need to make a decision.  Read their home page carefully, as well as the frequently asked questions section in their websites to zero in on the best payday loans deal.

Once you feel comfortable about all that you have learned regarding the payday loan industry, then getting loans from the best cash advance companies can have you experience financial freedom in no time.

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