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Washington DC Payday Loans Providers Move To Improve Services For All

Washington DC State Map
Washington DC State Map
Recently over forty Washington DC Payday loans businesses in the Washington DC area agreed to give attention to working with Washington DC City Council to enact into law significant key reforms to improve the level of protection of customers that utilize payday loans and preserve a popular, well–regulated short-term cash funding option for the people of the community. Some of these reforms would make it necessary for all lenders to:


  • Make sure people are aware of the cost of the product by completely listing all fees in simple and easy to understand language
  • Assist people in avoiding getting trapped in a "cycle of debt" by permitting one rollover only and making available to borrowers and extended payment plan, at no cost, to any customer who cannot pay back the loan when due.
  • Be careful to make certain that borrowers have the finances to repay, before approving the loan.
  • Support tougher penalties for any lender not following the law
  • Fund financial literacy programs in the District to help people (borrowers) with their financial management skills (or lack of) to help them to be better money managers and more financially responsible consumers.

"DCFSA encourages the DC City Council to enact these no-nonsense reforms into law," said Sonny Eyabi, President, DCFSA. "Our members will be required to institute these reforms to better protect our customers. We hope the City Council will follow our lead, and take the necessary steps to protect DC residents without taking away a valuable tool that helps Washingtonians make ends meet between paychecks."

Washington DC State Flag
Washington DC State Flag
This unprecedented action taken by the Washington, DC payday loans community flies in the face of the negative press that the industry has received historically. Clearly this shows not only a full-fledged effort to conduct themselves ethically in their community, but the true underlying integrity of people in this industry that are genuinely to minister to the needs of the community. The payday loans community understands that an educated well informed financially astute customer is their greatest asset, and the industry wants to encourage people to go the extra mile to get the education that they need to become better managers of personal finances.

The Payday Loan Consumer Protection Amendment Act of 2007 went along way in helping the payday loans industry to achieve their objectives. when secured by a mortgage, stocks or securities, the assignment by way of a first security of the borrower's interest in the proprietary lease or first right of tenancy in property covered by such organization. This rate is also in keeping with the usury laws of this district. But even these laws only goes so far in protecting consumers from some of the pitfalls of payday loans. Consumers was also a kids for themselves to make certain that utilize the day loans instrument in the best possible way to further their own economic endeavors.

Consumers must also become proactive and how different is a paid in such programs, they should go the extra mile to make certain that they examine every facet of their financial being to see whether or not payday loans is a good fit for them economic situation.

For example if you are considering a Washington, DC payday loans facility you should do your homework and make certain that the lender that you are speaking with is indeed licensed by the district. The law requires tall payday loan specialist that operate within the district be licensed by the district, this is to assure that the people of the district that would like to take out a payday loan is pretty to all of the rights and privileges accorded to them by licensed practitioners.

Washington DC payday loans
Washington DC payday loans
There are many laws in place stipulating what is required of a Washington Payday loans specialist in order for them to be licensed; this is to ensure fair and balanced transactions for people utilizing their services. Some individuals should also consider other possible alternatives to taking on a short-term payday loan. For example in some circumstances if you’re considering a payday loan for the purposes of paying a bill perhaps a phone call to company might find some time when it comes to making a payment on that bill. Some bill payments can be delayed for day’s weeks and in some cases months at a time. So you owe it to yourself to make the phone call in to see just what is available to you all other than a payday loan.

When taking on a payday loan one must exercise self-discipline and be certain to only borrow the money that you can afford. Oftentimes with the ease and convenience that payday loans are transacted, it becomes increasingly easier for an individual to fill a little motivated to borrow even more money than was originally necessary. This can be quite detrimental to you in the long run because sometimes the more money you have in your possession the more likely you are to spend it, and the initial purpose of taking on payday loan was to help yourself out of a financial tight spot. Borrowing excessive amounts of money will serve no useful purpose other than to burden you with unnecessary personal debt to make things financially more challenging for you in the days and weeks to come. So exercise self-discipline and make certain to only borrow the funds that are necessary for you to help you out of the situation. This is not the money that you want to take that vacation with or to buy that new outfit.

Again with the ease and convenience of acquiring money by way of Washington, DC payday loans, you may be inspired to take out loans at more than one payday loan facility. Do yourself a favor and never do this. With the rate of interest being what it is on a short term loan it is absolutely not a financially sound move to borrow from multiple lenders. So be good to yourself and be responsible with the financial decisions that you make in terms of borrowing money.