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The Benefits of the Advance Payday Loan

If you've never heard of an advance payday loan before now, you're an odd bird indeed! Not only are they advertised with more frequency on the radio, TV and in newspapers, but they are being talked about more often now as people realize that money isn't such a taboo topic after all. In this economic drought, everyone is seeking ways to save money or get through rough period, and friends' advice can make all the difference.

The advance payday loan has plenty of benefits to recommend it to anyone who needs a little extra money to get through a rough financial time. Here are just a few of them.

1. Quick money
It's hard to get money faster than this. An advance payday loan can get you money within minutes or hours, at the most. There are entire loan stores set up and designed to get people their cash overnight. Unless you are pursuing some form of self-employment, doing odd jobs, or getting money some other way, the advance payday loan is probably the fastest way of getting cash.

2. Short loan term
You don't really need the money for that long – just until you get paid next and you can afford to keep afloat. Most traditional loans have long terms, which are only a burden in many cases, and mean that you'll pay interest for a longer time than you would with an advance payday loan.

3. Small amount
For that matter, you don't really need that much money to get through a rough time. Most people have trouble distinguishing what they want from what they need. This small amount forces you to realize what's necessary and what isn't, and you don't have to borrow any more than you need. Traditional loans typically have greater amounts that might tempt you to spend the extra recklessly.

4. Fairly hassle-free
It's hard to get approved for a traditional loan. On the other hand, an advance payday loan is relatively simple and hassle-free. You submit an application, get approved without much delay, and then receive the money. Often, you can automatically repay the loan through a post-dated check or pre-approved transaction.

5. Bad credit? No problem!
There are lenders who specifically give out loans to those with bad credit. Often called a no credit check payday loan or faxless payday loan, these loans will have higher interest rates, but you can still get them even if you have bad credit.

These are just five of the advantages of the advance payday loan for those in desperate need of a little extra money.

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