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Son’s Birthday – Need Cash Fast

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

My son was turning thirteen and at the same time, I’d had to unexpectedly replace the battery on my car. Since I’m a single mom, it really hurt me in the pocketbook when I had the extra car expense come up at the same time I was trying to save up for my son’s birthday present. As I ate lunch with a co-worker and spilled my worries out to her, I told her I wished my son’s birthday was only one week later because after my next paycheck I’d financially be OK again. I just didn’t have enough money this week to stretch between the car battery (which was a necessity)  and the birthday present. She asked me why I didn’t go to a cash until payday store and get a loan until the following week when my next paycheck came.

I’d never considered borrowing cash until payday but when she mentioned it, I realized that it was a great idea. I went to a local store that I passed on my way home that evening. I was so easy. I was approved right away. All they did was verify my employment and told me the money would be deposited into my bank account by morning. My son had a great birthday. He loved his present. I paid my loan back the following week. It was a great idea to get a loan to tide me over. Now I know what to do if I get into a tight financial situation again.

Have any of you been in such a situation? Care to share your adventures? Please do…

Better Than A Credit Card Cash Advance

Sunday, April 15th, 2012
The water heater broke in the house my husband and I just bought last month. With all the other expenses we’ve had getting the house set up, I didn’t know how we were going to pay for a new water heater but it was certainly something that we couldn’t do without, especially now, in the winter. I finally told my husband that I thought the only thing we could do was to get a cash advance on a credit card.  Then we’d be able to replace the hot water heater. We hated to do it but didn’t see any other alternative.
As I was venting to my friend about the financial hardships of owning a home, she asked me if I’d thought of getting a payday loan to tide us over until we get our next paycheck. She told me the interest and fees would be much less than what we’d pay by taking a cash advance on a credit card. I’d never thought of a payday loan but spoke to my husband that afternoon about it. I went down to a loan store later that afternoon. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get approved. The money was in our bank account the next morning and we were able to get the hot water heater right away. I’m glad we got the loan – it was much easier and cheaper than borrowing from our credit card.

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Cash advances for merchants, or businesses work differently than your standard individual cash advance or payday loan. Instead of signing over your next paycheck, you are signing over a portion of your future sales to the entity issuing the merchant cash advance. These lenders commonly work with only retail, restaurant and service companies with a lot of credit card sales but that are unable to qualify for standard loans. The interest rates vary, but are usually much higher than payday or cash advance loans for individuals. Business owners should be careful about which company they choose to work with. Merchant cash advances should be treated like any other loan and you need to do your research before choosing this option.

The merchant does not make payments to this type of “loan” and the companies that issue the money for these cash advances do not call them loans. Instead, the lender takes a percentage of the daily credit card sales of the merchant’s establishment until the merchant cash advance amount and the premium is collected. This is usually to happen within 12 months or less. The main selling points to merchant cash advances is that there is no due date for payments, no fixed payment and the money gets paid back faster.

What to Look for In a Cash Advance Settlement Company

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Millions of people get lawsuit and other kinds of settlements all over the country every day. Most large settlements are not given out all at one time. Instead, these larger settlements are given as a monthly or yearly set amount like payments. When you want your money now a cash advance settlement could be your answer. This is how you get your money fast and leave the payments behind. The agreement you make with the cash advance company will have fees attached since they are providing you a service. This means you will likely have to give up a portion of the total settlement in order to get a lump sum amount.

What should you look for when researching and choosing a cash advance company to get a lump sum for your settlement? You want the lowest rates you can get so that you are getting the biggest lump sum you can get. You also want there to be no credit checks, no monthly payments, no hidden or up-front fees and a cash advance settlement company with a good reputation to help you. The basic agreement is that you sign over your settlement to the company in exchange for a lump sum in your pocket.

Why You Should Look for a No Faxing Loan

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Getting a payday loan can sometimes seem like more work than it’s worth. Some companies do far less than they could to make you feel like a valued customer. However, by looking for a no faxing loan, you can find a payday loan company that values your time and theirs.

Many companies that give payday loans require you to fax personal information, such as paycheck stubs, personal identification, bank statements, or other highly sensitive documentation. This is problematic for two reasons. One, it takes a lot of time to gather that information, find a fax machine, and send it in. If you need a payday loan, you may not even have access to a fax machine without paying an arm and a leg for the privilege. Secondly, they are asking you to send very personal information. If that information got into the wrong hands, they could wreak havoc on your identity, social security number, and bank accounts.

Most companies that offer no faxing loans pride themselves on the convenience they offer customers, so look for advertisements that boast “no faxing loans” or other similar phrases. You can often send in the information another way or provide it to a physical store. It’s safer, easier, and faster.

Faxless Online Loans Easy To Get

Monday, January 16th, 2012

When my sister got her first job and moved out on her own, she didn’t want to have to ask our parents for anything. She wanted to prove that she could make it by herself. When the Holidays drew near, I knew she was going to have a problem getting gifts for everyone. Since she LOVES to shop, I knew it was going to bother her greatly. She told me that a co-worker told her that she could get a faxless online loan easily since she had verifiable employment and a bank account. My sister knew that as soon as the Holidays were over, she would be getting a bump in pay to cover the loan, so she decided getting the loan was what she wanted to do to be able to enjoy purchasing Holiday gifts.

She said approval of the loan was simple. She had to only fill out an online application. Within only a few days, she had approval and then the money was direct deposited right into her bank account. She enjoyed the Holiday and everyone was proud of how well she was doing. After the New Year, she was able to easily pay off her faxless online loan with her raise. I’m proud of my sister. She’s working hard, doing well and is taking care of herself.

Bad Credit – Help With Payday Loans

Friday, January 13th, 2012

My brother’s girlfriend is in a tight financial situation. She recently divorced and was left with many debts she didn’t even know she had! She’s been working two jobs and diligently paying them off but it’s been hard for her. When the radiator went out in her car last week she wasn’t sure what to do. The only thing she was sure of was that she DID NOT want to borrow money from my brother or any other friend. She wanted to figure it out for herself. Since she’d been left with a mess after the divorce, her credit was poor since she’d been left with so many bills. She didn’t think she could get a traditional loan and really didn’t want anything long term anyway. Someone told her that there were bad credit payday loan lenders available who could give her a short term loan to get the car fixed.

She called my brother the next day. She had been able to get one of the bad credit payday loan lenders to approve her loan. She was getting the radiator fixed right then and she’d be able to pay the loan back after she got her next paycheck. She was happy and so were we. She’s working so hard to get back on her feet. I know she’ll be able to. I’m glad she was able to get the help she needed.

My Cousin Needs To Get A 24 Hour Cash Advance

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

My cousin needs to get a 24 hour cash advance. He was in an accident a few days ago and his car is out of commission. He needs to get a new one so that he can get back and forth to work. His job is almost an hour away and the location is not served by any type of transportation. The accident was not his fault but the driver of the other car did not have any type of car insurance.

I think it’s horrible that my cousin has to stress and worry about keeping his job since the accident wasn’t even his fault. It’s just not fair to me. I hope that he is able to get a 24 hour cash advance so that he can get things taken care of. His wife is not working right now because she just had a baby. They really can’t afford for him to lose his job right now. They would probably end up homeless if that happened and I don’t want to see them living on the streets with a brand new baby in tow. That would probably break my heart. I really want things to turn out well for them.