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Who's Eligible for an Instant Approval Cash Advance?

You might be wondering just who can apply for an instant approval cash advance. With the recent economic drought, chances are good that you've seen signs advertising these and other cash advance services around your town, ads on the internet, or had friends talk about them.

An instant approval cash advance is a small sum of money, somewhere between $100 to $500 in most cases (but sometimes up to $1,000 or higher) that you borrow from a lender for a set, short period of time. When you get paid, you pay back the lender the amount plus interest.

There are plenty of reasons you might need an instant approval cash advance. Some people find themselves in debt and realize that they need to pay back a bill promptly, or risk getting further in debt. Others spend all their spare money on things they don't really need, prompting them to panic when they realize they don't have money for rent or food. And still others just need a little helping hand because they thought they had enough budgeted for the month, but an emergency expense cropped up and left them short. No matter what your situation, realize that while it may or may not be your fault, there's hope.

The requirements for eligibility for an instant approval cash advance aren't that strict. If you are the age of majority (typically eighteen) and have a steady job, you're almost guaranteed to get one. In many cases, you don't even need a good credit rating. You can find lenders willing to lend an instant approval cash advance to you without much trouble online, if you don't have any in your area.

Repayment of the cash advance is fairly easy. In some cases, lenders ask for a post-dated check that they will cash on your next payday. Other times, they may be able to automatically set up a withdrawal from your bank account with your cooperation. This process is mostly automatic, but make sure you set it up properly and make a note of it so you will expect that amount to disappear from your bank account on that day. It also means you will have to live on less money from your next paycheck than you are used to receiving.

If you have found yourself in a financial crisis, whether or not it is of your doing, take heart: you can get out of this crisis with the help of an instant approval cash advance.

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